October 13, 2017

We celebrated the 14th Anniversary of the Imaging Research Center by hosting a Carnival.  A day of presentations featured Drs. Deanna Barch and Todd Braver from Washington University, who described their experiences with the Human Connectome Project (HCP) and the Siemens Prisma scanner.  There was time for networking and socializing, flash talks from IRC investigators, and a brief update about IRC news and policies

Keynote Presentations

  • Dr. Todd Braver: Flexible Neural Mechanisms of Cognitive Control
  • Dr. Deanna Barch: Understanding amotivation in psychosis: Anticipation of reward and effort based decision making
  • Dr. Marjorie Solomon, Interim Director of the Imaging Research Center: IRC Updates

Flash Talks

  • Marie Krug, PhD: Dissociating Proactive and Reactive Control in Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Susan Rivera, PhD: The search for neuroimaging biomarkers for fragile X permutation carriers at risk of developing FXTAS
  • Lauren Libero, PhD: Fear Potentiated Startle Response in children with ASD
  • Vanessa Reinhardt, PhD: Modelling trajectories of hippocampus development in a longitudinal sample of children with ASD
  • Prerona Mukherjee, PhD: Working Memory in ADHD and Academic Achievement
  • Matt Elliott, BS: Adolescents and Young Adults with ASD show Deficits in Cognitive Control
  • Jeremy Hogeveen, PhD: Resting-state functional connectivity correlates of internalizing psychopathology in autism and typical development
  • Brent Foster, BS: Static and Dynamic Imaging of the Wrist and Hand
  • Jeongmi Lee, PhD: Idiosyncratic patterns of representational similarity in prefrontal cortex predict attentional performance
  • Veronika Vilgis, PhD: Longitudinal changes in the neural response to emotional faces: associations with emotion regulation in adolescent girls
  • Josh Lee, PhD: Sex Differences in Amygdala Connectivity in Autism
  • Johnna Swartz, PhD: Neural mediators of the association between inflammation and depression in adolescence
  • Dan Ragland, PhD: Specificity of Memory Network Dysfunction in People with Schizophrenia
  • Tyler Lesh, PhD: Neuroinflammation in Psychosis
  • Jun Yi Wang, PhD: Neuropathological correlates of MRI signal abnormalities in postmortem MRI: promises and challenges
  • Jason Smucny, PhD: K-Means Cluster Analysis of Functional Measures of Cognitive Control Identifies Distinct Biotypes Across Psychotic Illnesses
  • Tara Niendam, PhD: A technology-enhanced intervention to reduce the Duration of Untreated Psychosis through rapid identification & engagement
  • Megan Boudewyn, PhD: Tracking Attention to Spoken Language Using EEG Alpha Oscillations
  • Raj Chahal, BA: Using Effective Neural Connectivity Biomarkers to Predict Depressive Symptomatology in Adolescence
  • Laura Tully, PhD: The SocialStim: A video database of positive and negative social evaluation stimuli for use in social cognitive neuroscience paradigms

Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting