Our Pediatric Acute Care Education Sessions (PACES) program is led by a collaborate team of professionals from UC Davis Health, including pediatric physicians, nurses and program managers.

Leah Tzimenatos, M.D.
Pediatric Emergency Medicine
UC Davis Children’s Hospital

Dr. Tzimenatos treats pediatric patients with emergent medical illnesses and traumatic injuries. For the PACES program, she’s one of the lead webinar presenters, helping educate community clinicians on pediatric clinical guidelines for acute and emergent matters.

Heather McKnight, M.D.
Pediatric Hospital Medicine
UC Davis Children’s Hospital

Dr. McKnight cares for general pediatric patients admitted to the hospital and collaborates with subspecialists in the care of hospitalized children.

Julia Magaña, M.D.
Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine
UC Davis Health

Dr. Magaña is a pediatric emergency medicine physician with a passion for identifying and helping victims of child abuse in the emergency department. She is also a member of the child abuse team at UC Davis. Her research has focused on differentiating between accidental and non-accidental bruises on young children in the ED.

“One of my favorite roles is to be a podcast host of EM PULSE. We speak with patients, providers, experts and investigators about cutting edge emergency medicine topics. Our goal is to bring research and expert opinion to the bedside and I love doing it! Every day I get to treat sick kiddos in the ED, advocate for abused children, teach, and research childhood injuries. Then I come home to my own 3 crazy kiddos who make me a better person.”

@julmagana, @empulsepodcast, and https://ucdavisem.com

Jennifer Rosenthal, M.D., M.A.S.
Pediatric Hospital Medicine
UC Davis Children’s Hospital

As a pediatric hospitalist, Dr. Rosenthal cares for hospitalized pediatric patients on the acute care units. She is the Pediatric Telehealth Medical Director and one of the founders of PACES. She applies her expertise in the areas of telehealth, health services research, and quality improvement to the PACES program.

Leland Bourdon, M.D.
Emergency Medicine
UC Davis Medical Group

While striving to provide the best possible care to patients, Dr. Bourdon is committed to helping train the next generation of doctors and works directly with both medical students and residents.

Ian Julie, M.D., MAS
Medical Director, Center for Virtual Care
Center for Health & Technology, UC Davis Health

Dr. Julie’s research focuses on improving patient outcomes and education for health care students/professionals through the use of medical simulation and validated, systematic educational techniques. He’s also interested in modern medical education through direct bedside teaching, telehealth services, medical simulation and social media.

Maureen McKennan
Regional Affiliations Officer
UC Davis Health

Charlaine Hamilton, MPPA
Regional Affiliations Program Analyst
UC Davis Health

In addition to co-managing PACES, Charlaine collaborates with clinical educators and outreach teams at UC Davis Health to support education and training for our affiliates. She also leads efforts to bring UC Davis resources and education to clinicians who provide care to underserved communities in the Sacramento region.

Sharon Conner, RN, BSN
NICU Outreach Nurse
UC Davis Children’s Hospital