Welcome to the future of medicine - where advancements in imaging technology meets clinical practice. 

At the UCDavis Health 3DPrintViz Lab, we help UCDH providers and surgeons visualize their complex cases with hands-on anatomic prints. 

The Department of Radiology and Department of Biomedical Engineering join forces to bring this service to UC Davis Health for goals in advancing patient care, research, and education. 

3D Printing

3D Printing is only one of the ways the 3DPrintViz lab is changing the game for patient care. Through a variety of printers, we have the power to print any medical image representation. With new advances in technology, physicians can request various anatomy parts to include colors and textures that fit their needs. Surgeons and Physicians have used these models to aid in surgical planning, intra-operative guidance, and, most importantly, advancing patient and medical education.

3D Printing requires an advanced team of engineers and radiologists to plan and build these models. The 3DPrintViz team is there to walk our clients through every project phase, including acting as a sounding board for new ideas.

Personalizing treatment is one of the many ways that UC Davis strives to advance medical care. 3D Printing allows our physicians to customize their skills to fit the patient's unique needs.

Meet the Printers!

Form 3B SLA 3D Printers https://dental.formlabs.com/form-3b/

Ultimaker S5 3D Printers https://ultimaker.com/3d-printers/ultimaker-s5

Ultimaker 2 Extended 3D Printer https://ultimaker.com/3d-printers/ultimaker-2-plus

Stratasys F120 FDM 3D Printer https://www.stratasys.com/3d-printers/f120

Off-Site Equipment and Service (Provided in partnership with TEAM lab in Davis):

  • Stratasys Polyjet 3D Printing
  • Reinforced FDM 3D Printing
  • Carbon 3D Printing
  • CNC Machining
  • Laser Cutting
  • Vacuum Forming
  • 3D Scanning
  • Augmented Reality
  • CAD Design and Development


The 3DPrintViz lab features state-of-the-art Augmented Reality (AR) hardware that allows clinicians to view synthesized medical imaging data as a hologram in physical space.  This technique is a powerful tool that can serves as a supplement to physical 3D modeling depending on as a stand-alone service depending on our client's needs. 

MagicLeap Glasses

Using tools like MagicLeap Goggles allows for surgeons to walk through every layer of a patient image. We offer the use of multiple goggles sets to allow interdisciplanry teams to visualize and strategize their therapeutic approach. As a teaching tool, it elevates resident education and training by walking through patient imaging in a whole new light.