Basic Science Confocal Imaging Facility

Basic Science Microscopy Core

This facility is a multi-user, interdepartmental resource that enables local scientists to implement confocal techniques in their research programs.

Olympus FluoView FV3000 spectral confocal system

The system is capable of simultaneous collection from up to 4 detection channels using multiple laser and conventional illumination sources. The FV3000 has 2 laser scanners that allow simultaneous confocal fluorescence observation and independent laser light stimulation. Emission bandwidths can be automatically set for each fluorochrome. In addition, the spectral detector’s variable bandwidth allows the fluorescence emission bandwidth to be manually optimized for each fluorescent dye. Spectral unmixing can also be carried out. The system is interfaced with an Olympus 1X81 inverted microscope that is fitted with dry, oil and water immersion objectives (10x, 20x, 40x, and 60x). The microscope stands on an anti-vibration table.


  • Confocal fluorescence imaging. Multicombiner Laser enabling excitation wavelengths ranging from 405-635 nm
  • Brightfield and Nomarski DIC imaging
  • Spectral detection
  • Other imaging modes include time-lapse, depth, FRAP (fluorescence recovery after photobleaching) and FRET (fluorescence resonance energy transfer.

Microscope Recharge Rates


Training in the basic use and functionality for this microscope is required prior to use.

  • Hourly Training Rate - $45 per hour

Microscope Use

Microscope usage is charged based on quarter hour increments. The minimum usage rate is one hour.

  • Microscope Usage Rate - $45 per hour. (One hour minimum)