• Basic Science Microscopy Core
    The Basic Science Microscopy Core Facility is a multi-user, interdepartmental resource that enables local scientists to implement confocal techniques in their research programs.
  • Coccisiodomycosis Serology Laboratory
    The Coccidioidomycosis Serology Laboratory provides serodiagnostic and consultative services for suspected or established cases of coccidioidomycosis. Serum and other body fluids (cerebrospinal, pleural, joint, peritoneal) can be submitted. Click to obtain descriptions of the tests offered, interpretations of results and information on the submission of specimens.
  • Microarray Core Facility
    The Microarray Core Facility features an Affymetrix GeneChip system that includes two Affymetrix 640 Hybridization Ovens, seven Affymetrix 450 Fluidics Stations, and an Affymetrix 3000 GeneChip Scanner with Autoloader.
  • Electron Microscopy Core Laboratory
    The mission of the laboratory is to aid the research community in their ultrastructural investigations, using either transmission electron microscopy (TEM) or scanning electron microscopy (SEM).