Planning any office/unit gatherings this holiday season? Do the activities planned foster a campus culture and climate based on mutual respect and caring?

Explore the Holiday and End-of-Year Guidance and Best Practices to learn more about questions to ask in planning seasonal gatherings, recommended best practices, resources, trainings, and important policies to consider throughout the year.

These recommendations serve as a useful starting point to ground us to cultural observances' often excluded from mainstream as well appreciate the realities others face, that we may not be aware of, this time of year. Within our diverse community, the holiday season can be experienced as a challenging time (within or beyond the workplace) for many reasons including, peer or environmental pressures, mental health challenges (recent loss, anxiety, depression, feelings of fear or isolation, etc.), or financial hardships.

Have you considered?

In place of seasonally focused/themed gatherings and/or celebrations, what supportive efforts and/or wellness activities/accommodations could be offered to employees instead?

Whether you find this time of year or alternative times during the year more appropriate for gathering, consider also supporting small diverse local businesses supported by our Anchor Institution Mission for Community Health (AIM).

As we reach the end of the calendar year, the Office for Health Equity, Diversity and Inclusion would like to thank the UC Davis Health community for their continued commitment to the Principles of Community and join in appreciating and recognizing the accomplishments over the past year and goals for the year to come.