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Amplifying the impact we have on the communities we serve

In 2020, UC Davis Health formally launched its Anchor Institution Mission (AIM) for Community Health. At the start of the AIM initiative in 2020, four geographic areas were identified as priority communities. This was later expanded to five. With further evolution of the initiative, the AIM Communities have expanded to include 10 geographic areas. The UC Davis Health AIM initiative is focusing on economically distressed communities in the Sacramento region, inclusive of the following zip codes: 95817, 95820, 95824, 95828, 95811, 95814, 95815, 95822, 95823, 95838.

As one of the leading institutions in both higher education and health care in the region, UC Davis Health is committed to leveraging its economic power and human and intellectual resources to increase the economic vitality of our surrounding nearby communities in thereby improving the health welfare and wellbeing of their residents.

Community Engagement

How to support the local community, information for volunteers, discussions, and connect with UC Davis Health units and community members to work together.

Discover ways to support local communities. 

Discussions with UC Davis employees and community members on topics related to diversity, equity and inclusion.

Explore ways to show up for our surrounding community.

More ways to connect with UC Davis Health units that participate in community engagement work.

Community Resources

Job talks, recruitment events, support information, and learning opportunities open to community members.

Information and updates on the planned innovation hub on UC Davis' Sacramento campus.

Learn how to receive support from UC Davis Health.

UC Davis Health Talent Acquisition team recruitment and job talk opportunities for community members.
Previous event resources and webinar recordings

Featuring past community event and webinar recordings.

The Anchor Institution Mission in Action

“A commitment to consciously apply the long-term, place-based economic power of the institution, in combination with its human and intellectual resources, to better the long-term welfare of the community in which the institution is anchored.”

— Norris, T and Howard T, Can Hospitals Heal America’s Communities, 2015

What is our Healthcare Anchor Mission?

Human resources jobs image

Hire locally

Hire and develop local talent.

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Volunteer locally

Engage employees to volunteer in local neighborhoods.

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Oak Park Farmer's Market

Purchase locally

Purchase more goods and services from local vendors and historically underrepresented communities.

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Oak Park Farmer's Market

Invest locally

Invest portions of endowments into projects in vulnerable communities.

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Want to know more about our anchor work?

For more information about the work we are doing with the Anchor Institution Mission, please contact Khoban Kochai, M.P.H., Assistant Director for the Anchor Institution and Culture/Climate at UC Davis Health. She can be reached by email at