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Amplifying the impact we have on the communities we serve

In 2019, UC Davis Health formally launched its Anchor Institution Mission (AIM) for Community Health. In the initial phase, UC Davis Health AIM initiative is focusing on three zip codes in the Sacramento region consisting of the Oak Park, Tahoe Park and South Sacramento communities, zip codes 95817, 95820 and 95824:

map of zip code areas 95817, 95820 and 95824

As one of the leading institutions in both higher education and health care in the region, UC Davis Health is committed to leveraging its economic power and human and intellectual resources to increase the economic vitality of our surrounding nearby communities in thereby improving the health welfare and wellbeing of their residents.

The Anchor Institution Mission

“A commitment to consciously apply the long-term, place-based economic power of the institution, in combination with its human and intellectual resources, to better the long-term welfare of the community in which the institution is anchored.”

— Norris, T and Howard T, Can Hospitals Heal America’s Communities, 2015


Interrupt the cycle of poverty and create a self-sustaining and vibrant region, including such markers as accessible and culturally responsible healthcare, good jobs, and safe and afforadable neighborhoods with access to exercise and nutritious food.


In partnership with the local community, UC Davis Health seeks to:

  1. Hire locally - hire and develop local talent.
  2. Volunteer locally - engage employees to volunteer in local neighborhoods.
  3. Purchase locally - purchase more goods and services from local vendors and historically underrepresented communities.
  4. Invest locally - invest portions of endowments into projects in vulnerable communities.

Success in these areas hinges on strong internal and external partnerships. Currently, we are working with several internal units such as HR, Procurement, and community engagement specialists across UC Davis to leverage programs and best practices and identify opportunities to better align with community needs.

AIM in action…

Oak Park Farmer's MarketPartnerships with the local community

Investing funds to develop partnership with local community-based organizations to help address specific economic issues including job and food insecurity for vulnerable local communities.

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Oak Park mural in SacramentoWorking to increase the economic vitality of our local communities and region

Working together with local partners to engage and improve the lives of communities in the Sacramento area.

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We can do this stock imageEngaging the health campus community

Creating spaces for faculty, staff, students and the community to engage in dialogue about campus social and cultural issues.

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Want to know more about our anchor work?

For more information about the work we are doing with the Anchor Institution Mission, please contact Khoban Kochai, M.P.H., Assistant Director for the Anchor Institution and Culture/Climate at UC Davis Health. She can be reached by email at