Seasonal allergies are the 3rd leading chronic medical condition that affects children, with 40% of kids having them. In today’s episode, we welcome Dr. Anh Nguyen a pediatric allergist and immunologist. She helps us review what causes seasonal allergies. We also discuss common symptoms and how to differentiate them from common viral illnesses. We review how the diagnosis of seasonal allergies is made and how they can be treated, from over the counter medications to targeted allergy shots and oral immunotherapy. Don't worry- we ask about local honey too. 

This episode was written by Dr.  Anh Nguyen, Dr. Lena van der List, Dr. Dean Blumberg and Neha Valluri.

We thank Dr. Anh Nguyen,  an allergist immunologist at UC Davis Children's Hospital for joining us for this episode, although Drs. Lena and Dean take responsibility for any errors or misinformation.

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Photo from YaleMedicine