Piper Groo.

It was obvious one-year-old Piper was sick, but what was wrong? When her parents could not get answers, they turned to UC Davis Children’s Hospital and discovered she had a severe, life-threatening type of celiac disease.

It took 18 days in the hospital to nurse Piper back to health. During this time, Piper’s family witnessed the collaboration of the care team, and it became even more obvious to them they were in the right place. In addition to the medical treatments for Piper’s condition, the family had access to the additional services their daughter needed, plus the family support that made this traumatic journey a little easier.

“The UC Davis team saved Piper’s life, but it didn’t stop there. The aftercare we received was fabulous. It’s the best medical experience we’ve ever had,” Courtney said. “Piper made a full recovery and has grown accustomed to a gluten-free lifestyle. At 3 years old, she has learned to ask if a food contains gluten before she eats it. Piper is happy, affectionate, observant and surprisingly, she is the tallest child in her preschool class. We are so thankful for UC Davis Children’s Hospital!”

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