Successful deliveries for two Fontan patients

In 2020, a multidisciplinary team including maternal-fetal medicine physicians, pediatric cardiologists, obstetricians and pediatric cardiac anesthesiologists helped two Fontan patients fulfill their dreams of motherhood after delivering both of their babies successfully. The babies, Brandon and Andrea, were born healthy and without congenital heart defects.

Frank Ing, chief of pediatric cardiology and co-director of the UC Davis Pediatric Heart Center

International conference expands to South Korea

The UC Davis Pediatric Heart Center, co-directed by renowned interventional cardiologist Frank Ing, hosted an international pediatric heart conference with the cardiology team at Sejong Cardiac Hospital in Seoul, South Korea. The conference gave experts the chance to collaborate, discuss patient cases, share best practices, and expand research opportunities.

Project ADAM teaches CPR in the community

Project ADAM Sacramento, a UC Davis Children’s Hospital cardiac emergency preparedness program, reaches out to schools to ensure that staff, faculty, students and families are trained on how to perform CPR and use automated external defibrillators (AEDs). Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the program was actively involved in providing resources, education, CPR and AED training at schools. Project ADAM is currently developing videos so schools can teach CPR and AED use to students and staff virtually.