EVALI mimics COVID-19

In a recent study, UC Davis Children’s Hospital researchers found e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI) symptoms mimicked COVID-19 in teens. Our experts have advised fellow clinicians to consider EVALI and ask for relevant smoking/vaping history when presented with pediatric patients with unexplained respiratory failure. Pediatrician Daphne Darmawan and pediatric pulmonologist Kiran Nandalike are looking at the clinical course and long-term health impacts of teenagers with EVALI, and working on developing protocols to help with early identification and treatment.

Children diagnosed via home sleep tests have better outcomes

Home sleep tests have contributed to faster recovery times and overall better outcomes in pediatric patients with complex medical issues, according to a new study by UC Davis pulmonologists. In order to treat patients faster, our experts have moved away from prescribing a polysomnogram — the gold standard in screening for sleep disorders — and have instead opted in for home sleep tests which are readily available, provide results in 24 hours, and effectively diagnose sleep-disordered breathing.