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Center for Diagnostic Innovation

Accurate diagnosis is central to the practice of medicine, yet diagnostic failures and errors are fairly common. The National Academy of Medicine’s 2015 landmark report “Improving Diagnosis in Health Care” noted that one in 20 Americans experience a diagnostic error each year and that “most people will experience at least one diagnostic error in their lifetime, sometimes with devastating consequences.” This report identified diagnostic error as a major, unaddressed patient safety issue, and emphasized the following areas for improvement:

  1. The diagnostic process or “diagnosis”;
  2. The failure to establish an accurate and/or timely explanation for the patient’s problem and to communicate that explanation to the patient;
  3. Emphasis on collaboration between disciplines.

UC Davis Health’s Center for Diagnostic Innovation seeks to address the issues and challenges raised in the National Academy of Medicine’s report by creating an inter-disciplinary community of clinicians, researchers, and educators who will work together to create novel solutions and new approaches that will improve all facets of the diagnostic process.

Our Thematic Focus Areas

Our themes span the translational pathway from new test development to implementation to quality assessment of applications for feedback for improvement. Our educational theme trains the workforce of the future for further innovation and application.

Our Thematic Focus Areas
Themes: Innovation – Clinical Validation and Investigation – Implementation Science – Workforce and Education