Biorepository Shared Resource

Why Choose the UC Davis Biorepository?

CAP logoCollege of American Pathologists (CAP) accredited. One of about 35 biobanks in the United States with this distinction. Biobanking services held to the same clinical laboratory standards (inspections every 2 years).

NIH logoServes as shared resource for the our NCI designated Comprehensive Cancer Center covering one of the most diverse patient populations in the United States.

testing imageOperates under the UC Davis Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine – providing access to specimens, clinical testing, and expertise. Integration with Center for Diagnostic Innovation leverages access to investigational testing services as well.

people imageUC Davis Health is the largest Level I trauma center in the region, providing access to a diverse range of non-cancer populations (e.g., trauma, emergency medicine, burns, kidney transplant, etc).

The UC Davis Pathology Biorepository provides high quality specimens for clinical care and research. Specimens include solid tissue and blood specimens from cancer patients to blood specimens from ICU patients.

UC Davis Pathology Biorepository supports:

Cancer Related

  • Histology for all CC Clinical Trials / 83 projects (2021)
  • Projects / grants for CC members (Canter, Sutcliffe, Li, Carney, Hwang, Birkeland, Thorpe)
  • U54 Minority Project / Collection and Storage of PDX* mouse models
  • Fresh tissue dispersal to researchers / frozen tissue collection 
  • Routine histology / QC for JAX West 

Alzheimer Center

  • Routine histology / IHC (ADC-Jin, Dugger R01)

Storage for Patient Care

  • Lymphoma workup
  • Parathyroids for re-implantation

Other Non-Cancer Related

  • COVID MALDI (Tran)
  • Fentanyl Dosing (Grimsrud)
  • DoD TBI Burn (Palmieri)
  • Burn Wild Fire (Palmieri / Hertz-Picciotto)
  • COVID-19 (UC Davis School of Medicine - Tran / Haczku)
  • MSG-17 (Thompson) 
  • Routine histology/IHC / collection / processing / storage for UC Davis and Non-UC Davis researchers

Other Biorepository Services

TMA imageTissue Microarrays (TMA)

  • Investigator-defined custom TMA’s
  • Existing library of cancer organ-site TMAs including breast, colon, kidney, lung, pancreas, prostate, cancer cell lines and many more.

Routine Histology imageRoutine Histology

  • Processing, embedding and sectioning of fixed wet tissue
  • Hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stained paraffin sections
  • Unstained paraffin sections

Fluid Processing and StorageFluid Processing and Storage

  • Processing of biological fluids such as urine, blood, plasma, serum, and CSF
  • Peripheral blood mononuclear cells
  • Short term and long term storage at refrigerated and frozen temperatures