Resources for Partners and Collaborators

CDxI offers a wealth of unique resources to support investigators and industry partners:

Clinical Investigational LabClick to enlarge.

Alpha Lab @ Aggie Square (A2) (Clinical Investigational Lab)

A2 provides state-of-the-art equipment in a CLIA-certified environment for clinical validation of investigator-developed tests and industry clinical trials

Contact: Nam Tran, Ph.D. |

Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning Resources and Services

MILO Graphic Click to enlarge.

MILO, a machine learning optimizer with a proven track record in laboratory diagnostics and other medical applications, developed by UC Davis faculty.

Access this patented UCD-developed rapid machine-learning tool that can simultaneously evaluate data sets using hundreds of statistical models.

Contact: Hooman Rashidi, M.D. |

Machine Learning Workgroup: Discuss projects and ideas and meet potential collaborators and partners from departments throughout UC Davis.

Contact Workgroup Leader: John Paul Graff D.O. |

Clinical Research Oversight Committee

Learn how to access our laboratory for clinical trials

Molecular Pathology Laboratory

Access our state-of-the-art molecular diagnostics laboratory

Contact: Alexander Borowsky, M.D. |

Pathology Biorepository

Our CAP-accredited biorepository banks remnant blood, serum, tissue, and other specimens for investigator needs.

Contact: | 916-734-3026