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Jody Lee Martin, Ph.D.

Associate Adjunct Professor, Department of Pharmacology



Cardiovascular Research

Gene Modification



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Tupper Hall

Tupper Hall- UC Davis

Davis, CA 95616

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800-4-UCDAVIS (800-482-3284)

Research/Academic Interests

Dr. Martin's primary focus is developing, constructing and providing quality molecular tools for investigators in a timely and collaborative manner. Secondarily he has a long-standing interest in molecular chaperones in the cardiac setting, particularly the small heat shock proteins. Additional key interests are myofilament proteins and calcium handling proteins in cardiomyopathy, stroke rehabilitation and gene therapy.



Center/Program Affiliation

Cardiovascular Services

Undergraduate School

B.A., Point Loma College, San Diego CA 1983

Other School

Ph.D., Cardiac Ischemia, UC San Diego, San Diego CA 1997

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