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Clinical Observing and Research Opportunities

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The UC Davis Health observership program is designed for currently practicing clinicians and is not suitable for students, recent medical school graduates (within the last 5 years) or individuals seeking residency opportunities or letters of recommendation. A certificate of completion will be presented at the conclusion of the observership period.

Please be advised that observers will not physically engage with any patients or advise on any cases. Observers will strictly be observing/shadowing our professional staff. Participation in our observership program does not have any bearing on pending or future internship/fellowship applications.

Looking to hone your clinical skills overseas while networking with world-renowned health care professionals? We're proud to offer an International Observership Program for physicians and nurses visiting from other countries.

Program Length

The observership program typically lasts one to six months, depending on the international visitor and the hosting department at UC Davis Health. Most observerships are focused on clinical training opportunities, but some visitors are also interested in working on research projects. In these cases, visitors usually observe in the clinic environment for three months and extend their stay for up to 12 months for research activities.

Role of the Observer

  • Engage with UC Davis Health doctors and nurses.
  • Attend outpatient clinics.
  • Attend patient care visits and conferences.
  • Watch patient procedures.
  • Understand clinical workflow within their chosen area of interest.
  • Attend department meetings, seminars, grand rounds and other educational activities. 

Observer Fees

Fees are based on the program needs and schedule, but include charges for:

We look forward to collaborating with you!

If you wish to apply, please send us an email at hs-ivisitors@ucdavis.edu detailing your interest along with a CV/resume and self-interest statement. Please include your area of interest within your specialty, your secondary and tertiary areas of interest, why you selected UC Davis Health and what you hope to take away from your experience.