To inform students of the requirements for background checks and potential consequences of results arising from such background checks

All medical students

6.2 Required Clinical Experiences


  1. Background checks are administered by Certiphi Screening, Inc. or another background check provider designated by the School at the time of admission offer acceptance. Results are submitted to the Office of Admissions. Post matriculation background checks are submitted to the Office of Medical Education.
  2. Additional requirements such as fingerprinting may be required by a clinical affiliate site.
  3. Background checks post-matriculation that include discovery of criminal activity may result in inability of the student to rotate through various affiliate sites, delayed graduation, suspension and/or dismissal at the discretion of the Committee on Student Promotion.
  4. The School can provide attestation of a confirmed successful background completion to clinical affiliate sites.
  5. Additional background checks may be required for clerkship rotations and away rotations in the post-clerkship phase if identified as an onboarding requirement of outside institutions or if a break in enrollment occurs.


Admission Background Check
Students are required to undergo a background check when they are conditionally admitted to the School’s Doctor of Medicine program. Admitted students are required to immediately report (within 72 hours) all changes in their criminal record which occur from the time of conditional acceptance to matriculation. Failure to report any change in status will result in referral to the Admissions Committee and may lead to their admission being rescinded.

Clinical Placement Sites Background Checks

  1. Students are required to immediately report (within 72 hours) all changes in their criminal record once matriculated. Failure to report any change in status will result in a referral to the Vice Dean of the School of Medicine and/or the Chair of the Committee on Student Promotions and may lead to disciplinary action up to, and including, dismissal.
  2. Criminal ackground checks and/or drug testing may be required by clinical affiliates of the School. 
  3. The fees incurred while obtaining a background check and any additional tests post-matriculation for a required course will be covered by the School. Elective courses which require background checks, etc., which incur fees are the sole responsibility of the student. 
  4. Students must authorize release of the results of the background check to the School and its clinical affiliates. If there is any information in the report that the clinical facility determines disqualifies the student from participating, the student will be responsible for obtaining the necessary documents to correct/explain the information. If the issue is not resolved to the satisfaction of the clinical facility, an alternate clinical experience will be determined by the Associate Dean of Students, Instructor of Record and curriculum management. Determination made as part of this process may result in a deferment or delayed graduation. 

A background check encompasses these elements:

  • Seven-year criminal court history
  • Address verification
  • Sex offender database search
  • Two names verification (current legal and one other name [AKA[)
  • Three county check of records
  • Search of the Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Inspector General database of excluded persons.
  • Social security number verification

Clinical Affiliate: Institutions providing inpatient medical care that have formal agreements with a medical school to provide clinical experiences for the education of its medical students.

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