The purpose of this policy is to describe training and oversight requirements related to Undergraduate Medical Education (UME) instruction when provided by non-Faculty teachers such as postgraduate trainees, residents, and fellows.

All postgraduate trainees, residents, and fellows interacting with UC Davis School of Medicine medical students

Element 6.1 Program and Learning Objectives
Element 9.1 Preparation of Resident and Non-Faculty Instructors


  1. Required Training in Teaching and Leadership - All postgraduate trainee educators participating in the supervision or instruction of UC Davis medical students will complete trainings to prepare them for their roles in teaching and leadership.
  2. Required Training in UC Davis SOM Policies and Procedures: All postgraduate trainee educators participating in the supervision or instruction of UC Davis medical students will complete trainings that review the policies and procedures relevant to teaching and supervising medical students. These trainings include policies (e.g. supervision, duty hours, mistreatment, conflict of interest, and technical standards) and clerkship summaries (course objectives, expectations, and assessments) that the postgraduate trainees are expected to know prior to teaching UC Davis medical students.
  3. Enhancement of Instruction and Assessment Skills: All educators are encouraged to avail of professional development opportunities related to teaching and learning.
  4. Noncompliance: Completion of trainings is monitored by the Office of Graduate Medical Education (GME) and the Office of Medical Education. Failure of postgraduate trainee educators to complete the required trainings in a timely manner will be considered a lapse in professional responsibilities, which will result in notice to the postgraduate trainee’s Program Director. Persistent noncompliance may result in disciplinary action against the trainee.

All postgraduate trainee educators are assigned the training as part of their onboarding and annually thereafter by the office of GME. Each completed training includes an attestation of completion.


  1. The GME office is responsible for:
    1. assignment, notification, and monitoring of post-graduate trainees’ completion of all education and training modules required by the GME office
    2. providing timely notice of any emerging issues or barriers that may impede full compliance to the Vice Dean for Medical Education
  2. The Vice Dean for Medical Education has the responsibility for central oversight of resident and fellow completion of the above referenced trainings and will coordinate with the office of GME to monitor compliance.

Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Common Program Requirements.
Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) Standards: Functions and Structure of a Medical School.

Vice Dean for Medical Education

Dean of Graduate Medical Education
Committee on Educational Policy
Vice Dean for Medical Education*

November 2021, 3-year cycle