To outline the attendance, participation, and absence policy for the Pre-Clerkship Intersession Course, Clerkship Intersession Course, and Transition to Residency (T2R) courses.

All medical students in, and faculty instructing in, these courses 

8.8 Monitoring Student Time
12.4 Student Access to Health Care Services


  1. Students are expected to arrive on time, fully engage in the Pre-clerkship Intersession Course, Clerkship Intersession Course, and T2R course, and act professionally.
  2. Students must get prior approval for an absence unless it is emergent. (See Procedure)
  3. Approved absence may have make-up work assigned at the discretion of the Course Director.
  4. Absences that result in students being unable to meet the learning objectives of the course may require the student to repeat the course session.  
  5. Excused absences must not total more than:
    1. Pre-clerkship Intersession Course: 2 half days
    2. Clerkship Intersession Course: 3 half days
    3. T2R Course: AY21-22: 2 half days; AY22-23 onward: 4 half days
  6. Students who miss more than the noted amount of time will be referred to the Associate Dean for Students for consultation and next steps.
  7. Unexcused absences will result in a Professionalism citation and referral to the Professionalism Improvement Committee.

Half Days: time equal to or greater than 2 consecutive hours


  1. Notification of Emergent Issues
    1. Students must notify the Course Directors and Curriculum Coordinator of their emergency as soon as possible.
    2. Students will be required to submit an Absence Request Form reflecting the emergent issue once they are able. Emergent issues will be taken under considered to determine if it is an approved absence or unexcused absence. 
  2. Notification of an Absence (any amount of time away from these courses)
    1. Student must complete the Absence Request Form as soon as an absence is anticipated and at least two weeks in advance of the absence request date.
    2. Absences must be approved by the Course Directors. As noted in the Policy, make up work may be assigned.

      Curriculum Managers and Course Directors for the specified courses

      UC Davis School of Medicine Bylaws and Regulations, Regulation 60: Requirements for the Degree Doctor of Medicine

      Committee on Educational Policy

      Committee on Educational Policy*
      Curriculum Implementation Team

      June 2021; 3-year review cycle