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The annual UC Davis Research Retreat on Host Microbe Interaction brings together the community of UC Davis researchers interested in any aspect of the interaction of microbes with vertebrate, invertebrate or plant hosts to foster multidisciplinary work, exchanges and collaborations. The scientific program includes oral presentations from faculty, students and postdocs. The venue for this event is the Granlibakken Conference Center & Lodge, which is just minutes away from spectacular Lake Tahoe. An overnight stay at this setting ensures ample opportunity for interaction between faculty, postdocs and students during their joint meals and at the evening poster session. The 12th Annual Host Microbe Retreat will be October 18-19, 2018. If you are interested in presenting at our retreat or participating in the poster session, please contact Andreas Bäumler at ajbaumler@ucdavis.edu. We will also have a HMI logo contest for our t-shirt. Logo design should be digitally produced. The logo must include host microbes (bacteria, viruses and other organisms). UC Davis staff and students are eligible to participate. If you are interested in the logo contest, please contact Karryn Doyle at kddoyle@ucdavis.edu.


4th Annual HMI T-Shirt Logo Design Contest:

4th Annual HMI T-Shirt Logo Design Context: This year’s contest yielded another year of creative designs. We are proud to announce that Gloria Bui’s design was selected for this year’s contest winner!

2018 T Shirt Logo Design Winner


Thank you to all who participated in the fun contest and we look forward to seeing next year’s designs.


If you’d like to submit an entry for this year’s design contest, please contact Karryn Doyle for more information at kddoyle@ucdavis.edu

See HMI T-Shirt Logo Design Contest Flyer (PDF)

Host-Microbe Research at UC Davis

UC Davis is host to a diverse community of investigators involved in research on microbial pathogenesis, infectious diseases and immunity to infection. The presence of the School of Medicine, the School of Veterinary Medicine, the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the College of Biological Sciences and the California National Primate Research Center makes the UC Davis campus a vibrant environment for research on host microbe interaction, which is unmatched in the State of California.

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Host-Microbe Systems Biology Core

The Microarray Core Facility has expanded its services and changed names to the Host-Microbe Systems Biology Core Facility. In addition to gene expression profiling the core will offer library construction, next-generation sequencing and data analysis of microbial genomes.

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