Turning tarantula venom into pain relief

Turning tarantula venom into pain relief

At the UC Davis Division of Pain Medicine, our research mission is to improve the diagnosis and treatment of all types of pain. These innovative programs offer new solutions to pain patients, in an effort to minimize human suffering in our patients today, and in the future. Our research includes programs in the following areas:

  1. Meso Blast Study
  2. SKK Clinical Trial
  3. Virtual Reality & Pain Medicine
  4. Stem Cells & Pain Management
  5. Neuromodulation
  6. Improving Cancer Pain Care
  7. Turn Tarantula Venom into Pain Relief

Publications (Peer reviewed)

2021 Publications:

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2020 Publications:

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2019 Publications:

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2018 Publications:

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2017 Publications:

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2016 Publications:

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