Pain Management Consulting

The UC Davis Division of Pain Medicine provides management consulting for pain clinic practice management. Expert pain medicine faculty are available for comprehensive management consulting including: optimization of day-to-day clinic and procedural operations; integration of multimodal pain services including cancer pain, acupuncture, pain pharmacy, and pain psychology; and strategies for a productive academic environment for simultaneous clinical and scholarly output. Additional expertise is available on effective fundraising initiatives, creation of an effective training environment for fellows, and practical study design and implementation such as clinical trials and medical devices.

Our pain management consulting services can empower your practice or academic center to build a sustainable competitive edge to provide multifaceted care to patients, all while maintaining productivity and integrity.The UC Davis Pain Management Consulting service utilizes our depth of experience, data-driven findings, and our innovative ecosystem to provide a tailored and implementable strategy to build enduring results for clients. Projects are based on an hourly basis and a typical budget is 10 to 40 hours.