The UC Davis Center for Pain Medicine is committed to multidisciplinary services that focus on Reliance and Wellness. These include treatments that restore resilience for the physical as well as emotional aspects of health. Wellness means that the goals attained at the UC Davis Center for Pain Medicine not only help you to feel better now, but also place you on the road to resilience and increasing good health for years to come.

The reliance model assumes that every person can be both physically and emotionally conditioned for the strain of life. Those with the most reliance, feel the least disturbed by life's curves and bumps. It is intuitive for most who know of individuals who have endured enormous physical and emotional stress by maintaining a resilient mind and body. Athletes prove this everyday and the skills that athletes learn can be learned by patients who must confront chronic pain as though it is an Ironman Marathon. The psychology of performance (or sports psychology) and the psychology for chronic pain have an identical core of improving resilience.

We are currently developing programs that will address these issues for our patients:

Resilience Training: A Mind-Body Approach

  • Physical Rehabilitation
    • Medical treatments
    • Physical Interventions (i.e. injections etc)
    • Physical therapies
  • Psychological Rehabilitation
    • Cognitive therapies (i.e. biofeedback, hypnosis, relaxation etc.)
    • Supportive interventions (support groups, outreach resources etc.)
    • Education
    • Individual psychotherapy

Functional Rehabilitation: Program in development

  • Comprehensive day treatment program
  • Intensive work on all aspects of Mind-Body that impair function
    • Physical therapies
    • Conditioning
    • Occupational therapies
    • Biofeedback
    • Hypnosis
    • Psycho-education
    • Intensive education
    • Functional capacity evaluation
    • Long range planning for health and increasing wellness