The Analgesic Museum: The Development of a Research Network and Exhibition Series

Philosophers of aesthetics have argued for centuries that the arts can draw the individual from isolation, create purpose and enliven existence, but can they also relieve pain? Join us for a conversation at the intersection of art and pain management practices as we explore the potential of cultural engagement in museums to reduce the burden of chronic pain.

This ½ day conference centers on three areas of interest:
• Research and creative scholarship to explore how museum-based interventions can lessen pain
• Exhibition development to showcase the aesthetics of analgesia
• Arts experiences and practices to reduce the burden of chronic pain

The intention of The Analgesic Museum is to seed an international interdisciplinary network of scientists, museum and healthcare professionals, individuals living with chronic pain and artists committed to exploring the aesthetics and impact of museum engagement to reduce the burden of chronic pain.

•157 registrants from 22 countries around the world
•Individuals living with chronic pain
• Healthcare providers
• Museum professionals and curators
• Artists and scholars from all disciplines

Please direct questions to Bethney Bonilla at

Supporting patients with chronic pain, and pallative caregivers

You and your family, friends, and caregivers are invited to visit the Crocker Art Museum to explore the wonders of art and the creative mind. Enjoy the simple pleasures that come from discovering inspiring works of art as a trained guide leads you through facilitated group conversations about select pieces of art. No prior art knowledge is necessary.

After the tour, you are welcome to stay and enjoy the Crocker galleries on your own, or simply relax in the Museum’s courtyard.

The goal of Art Rx is to encourage positive experiences that reduce the burden of chronic pain through specialized tours of the museum and facilitated discussion. The program is free and open to any individual with chronic pain. In addition, participants are encouraged to invite family members, friends, and caregivers to attend free of charge.

Due to COVID all tours are virtual and take place every 2nd Saturday from 11 AM - 12:30 PM

Advanced registration is required.
Register online at, or by emailing
Call (916) 808-1182 with any questions.

What people are saying about Art Rx:

 Individuals in pain

  • "I'm looking at art and ... I am no longer in my body; I am in a place of connection."
  • "If you're involved and doing things with people, you're not shut in; you're not focused on the pain."

 Healthcare providers

  • "The most appealing part [of Art Rx] to me is breaking down the isolation that is inherent in chronic illness and pain; that I can't usually do."

 Museum professionals

  • "The idea of, in my job, having some small role in making [Art Rx participants'] lives a little bit better ... felt so innovative and exciting."

Academic Articles:

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Free for everyone. Advanced registration is required. Register online at, or by emailing Call (916) 808-1962 with any questions.

Isa Ingram, L.Ac., MSTCM
Telephone:  916-734-7246
Clinical Acupuncturist
UC Davis Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine