UC Davis Sports Medicine can help you meet your personal performance and fitness goals and help you stay healthy, too.

Learn more about Injury Prevention in Youth Sports as well.
Overuse Injury Prevention in Youth Sports

Functional Movement Screening

Functional Movement Screen

$75 ($60 starting June 1) for the assessment and initial corrective exercises
$50 ($40 starting June 1) in combination with another assessment
The FMS screening is used to identify limitations or asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement quality. The assessment provides an objective assessment of functional movement, and can be used as a predictor of injury potential. Individualized corrective exercises are then provided to address any problem areas.

Fudamental Capacity Screening

Functional Movement Screen

$75 ($60 starting June 1) for the assessment and consultation
$50 ($40 starting June 1) in combination with another assessment
The FCS screening evaluates key components of athleticism necessary for more rigourous physical activities and sports. Identifying issues affecting an athlete's ability to produce power, reutilize energy, maintain posture under load and control balance allows the athlete to target the fundamental fitness issues that may be holding them back. The included training consultation will included an individualized approach to improve areas identified in the screening.

$100 for the FMS and FCS together

Training consultation

$50 per consultation
Training consultations monitor progress, introduce the next block of interventional exercises and demonstrate proper form and movement execution. Each progression includes a four-week progression, specifically tailored to meet your individual needs and goals.

Have a sports injury?

We can help you get back on track. Treatment begins with an evaluation of how the injury occurred and a careful diagnostic exam. Your sports medicine specialist will explain the nature of the problem, answer questions, and discuss available treatment options. Together, you'll select the treatment plan that is best for you. You'll also receive personalized fitness and lifestyle guidelines to help prevent your injury from recurring. If your treatment includes surgery, you will have access to the resources and advanced technologies of the UC Davis Medical Center.

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