Our metabolic tests are designed to more accurately estimate caloric expenditure, both at rest and during activity. Each test includes a detailed analysis of results how to apply them towards each client’s individual goal. Being able to accurately estimate how many calories you are burning is a valuable component in any plan to lose, maintain, or gain weight. 

Resting Metabolic Rate

The basis for any metabolic evaluation, the Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test estimates the number of calories burned at rest to determine baseline caloric needs. It also provides a measure of fat and carbohydrate utilization.

Exercise Metabolism

$150 for the initial evaluation. $125 for subsequent tests.
The Exercise Metabolism looks at your response to increasing intensity of aerobic exercise.  It is a great way to establish your Zone 2 intensity, as well as metabolic efficiency and maximal fat oxidation (FatMAX), to determine how much fat and how much carbohydrate are being utilized during exercise.  The test measures how many calories you actually burn at different exercise intensities. This will allow for a more accurate determination of total caloric expenditure during exercise. Individualized training zones and an exercise consultation are included to address specific, individual goals.

Combine the Energy Expenditure and Resting Metabolic measurement for a more accurate measure of your daily calorie needs.

Metabolic efficiency + Lactate

$230 for the initial evaluation. $150 for subsequent tests.
The metabolic efficiency tests combines oxygen consumption and lactate measurements to give you valuable insight into your endurance capacity. The ultimate test for the endurance athlete, whether you are an Ironman triathlete, ultra runner, long distance cyclist or other long distance endeavor or simply want an even more rigorous assessment of your Zone 2 for health. The test looks specifically at low to moderate effort levels, pinpointing you aerobic or economy threshold to dial in endurance training and competition paces, as well as your metabolic efficiency (fat utilization). The test will also measure your maximal fat oxidation rate (FatMAX) and help guide your fueling needs (carbohydrate replenishment). Get your training and eating strategies on the right track.