Thanks to a new partnership with Pet Peace of Mind, UC Davis Hospice can now assist with caring for the pets of patients who are in their the final days, including finding new homes for the pets afterward.

Pet Peace of Mind is a national registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that serves more than 3,500 patients and 4,000 pets annually. The team prepares hospices to support patients’ pet care needs in practical ways by deploying trained local volunteers. Through the program, patients nearing the end of their life are alleviated from worrying about their pets’ future needs.

“Pet Peace of Mind is one way we can make it easier for cancer patients who have pets,” said volunteer coordinator Erin Bjork, a UC Davis hospice physical therapist. “We welcome volunteers who want to get involved, as well as people who would like to support this new program.”

UC Davis Hospice staff members and volunteers feed pets, take them for walks and offer transportation when the patients are getting treatment. They also assist with finding new homes for pets when needed.

More Information

To learn more about ways to support and give back to UC Davis Hospice, please call the volunteer coordi nator 916-731-6873.

If you would like to donate to the UC Davis Hospice Program, contact Reese Scherber, the cancer center’s director of development, at 916-291-5775. To donate online to the hospice program, please visit Hospice General Support Fund or scan the accompanying QR code.

Supporters provide a special touch of love for patients and fami lies who are served.

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