• Instead of an open incision, some surgery is carried out through 3 or 4 keyhole incisions
  • Laparoscope attaches to a small camera and projects the surgery on a monitor
  • Small pencil size instruments through the other holes are used for surgery

Advantages of Laparoscopic Urology

  • Less pain
  • Shorter hospitalization
  • Faster recovery time
  • Very little scarring

Laparoscopic Urology at UC Davis Health

  • Removal of kidney cancer
  • Removal of damaged, benign kidneys
  • Drainage of kidney
  • Repair of undescended testis in children
  • Various other laparoscopic procedures are being conducted or are under development

Laparoscopic Surgery Urologist

Marc Dall'Era, M.D.
Professor and Interim Chair

Thenappan (Thenu) Chandrasekar, M.D.
Associate Professor

For more information

For more information call the UC Davis Urologic Surgery Clinic at 916-734-2222 or 800-770-6930.