A message from John Laird, medical director of UC Davis Vascular Center

The team of vascular specialists, nurses and diagnostic technicians at UC Davis Vascular Center has just one guiding principal: total vascular care.

Our cross-disciplinary team – comprised of experts in the specific needs of vascular patients – provides a personalized, comprehensive approach to treating diseases of arteries and veins, including:
  •  Education and support in making lifestyle changes that can help prevent strokes and heart attacks
  •  Current therapies for complex vascular diseases like peripheral artery disease, carotid artery disease, abdominal aneurysms and aortic dissections
  •  The latest non-surgical approaches for resolving varicose and other vein problems

The center’s technology infrastructure for diagnosis and treatment is unparalleled in the region – from the busiest noninvasive vascular lab in California to a hybrid surgical suite that combines the best in both endovascular and traditional surgeries.

We have one of the strongest vascular research programs in the western U.S. that encompasses prominent clinical trials of innovative devices and medications. We are also defining the future of vascular care with a groundbreaking new study testing the possibility that a patient’s own stem cells can save legs at risk of amputation.

Patients with any arterial or venous condition will find compassion and expertise at UC Davis. Total vascular care means we’ll take care of you.