Violence Prevention Research Program

Studying the causes, consequences, and prevention of violence

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Developing Knowledge and Driving Change

VPRP research informs policies and programs that prevent violence and empowers communities to help realize a safer future.

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VPRP conducts research to develop sound scientific evidence on the nature, causes, consequences, and prevention of firearm violence.

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Supporting New Work

VPRP, through the California Firearm Violence Research Center (CA FVRC), is expanding and extending research efforts through education and training in firearm violence research and its application.

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The BulletPoints Project

The mission of BulletPoints is to teach medical and mental health care providers how to reduce the risk of firearm injury in their patients. BulletPoints does this by providing evidence-informed, politically neutral information and tools for use in different clinical and educational settings. Check out our comprehensive website to access web summaries, webinars, short videos, podcast episodes, printables, a resource library, our Educators Toolkit, and our free, 1-hour, on-demand accredited continuing education course.  

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Political Violence Research

VPRP is studying political violence as a public health problem.


The Center for Violence Prevention Research

Learn more about the Center for Violence Prevention Research.

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Red Flag Laws and Mass Shootings

Extreme risk protection order to prevent mass shootings: What do researchers know? VPRP issued a summary of the most important research on extreme risk protection orders, also known as red-flag laws.

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California Firearm Violence Research

The California Safety and Wellbeing Survey (CSaWS) is an ongoing, all-online survey research project that provides detailed and timely state-representative data on a wide range of topics related to firearm ownership, preferences, and practices, and exposure to violence and its consequences.

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