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Postdoc Opportunities in Violence Prevention Research

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Professor Shani Buggs, an “up and coming gun researcher,” has advised law enforcement agencies, cities, and the White House on community violence prevention. In a recent interview, she stressed that “true equity means everyone's life has equal value.”

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VPRP believes in the role of scientific research in addressing major health and social problems. We are motivated by the belief that in its very essence, violence is a violation of the fundamental human rights to life, liberty, and security of person—the right to live safely in a free society.

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California Supports Firearm Violence Research

UC Davis VPRP is the site of UCFC, the new University of California Firearm Violence Research Center. UCFC takes a long-term view of the role of scientific research in addressing major health and social problems, emphasizing applied, actionable research.

BulletPoints Project

The BulletPoints Project

The BulletPoints Project provides clinical tools for firearm injury prevention. 

It includes information on firearm injury epidemiology, firearm storage options, and the clinician's role in firearm violence prevention, as well as a broad range of educational materials and other resources.

Myths and Facts

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A priority of our work at the Violence Prevention Research Program is communicating and disseminating complex scientific research so that it is informative for intervention and actionable for decision makers.

The Joyce Foundation recently surveyed leading researchers of firearm violence prevention on their evidence-informed recommendations for reducing injuries and deaths from firearms.

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