Violence Prevention Research Program

Studying the causes, consequences, and prevention of violence

VPRP studies political violence using a public health approach. We research scope, risk, and protective factors to drive effective prevention strategies.

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New VPRP Research

Views of American Democracy and Society and Support for Political Violence: First report from a nationwide population representative survey. 

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Do people's views vary by party affiliation?

Party Affiliation, Political Ideology, Views of American Democracy and Society, and Support for Political Violence. Findings from a Nationwide Population Representative Survey.

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California Firearm Violence Research

Experiences of Violence in Daily Life Among Adults in California. Most research on violence focuses on direct or witnessed victimization, but in this study we asked adults in California about their experiences of six broader areas of violence in their communities. 

Preventing firearm injury video

Preventing Firearm Injury: What Clinicians can do.

This brief 60-minute continuing education course focuses on areas where clinicians can help reduce the risk of firearm-related injury and death, including suicide, dementia, intimate partner violence, unintentional injury, and mass shootings.  Learners can earn one CE credit from the California Medical Association or American Psychological Association.

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A priority of our work at the Violence Prevention Research Program is communicating and disseminating complex scientific research so that it is informative for intervention and actionable for decision makers.

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Learn more about Post-Doc opportunities in Violence Prevention research.

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