Community College Pathways to Medical School and Family Medicine Residency Training

Goals: We aim to examine how the CC pathway impacts medical school performance and career intentions (as compared to their non-CC pathway counterparts).

Description: A recent national study using the Association of American Medical College data found that one‐third of medical students attend a CC during their pre‐medical experience (Talamantes et al., 2014). In addition, the CC pathway serves as a significant pathway to medical school for underrepresented minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged students. Less is known about the performance and career choice of medical students who use the CC pathway. Using a multi‐institutional database that includes applicants and matriculants, we will examine the association among CC pathway, medical student performance and career choice.

Project Team: Efrain Talamantes, MD, MBA, MSc

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"The Community College pathway offers a very important population of students that we need and we want to see in medical school. These are the types of students we need because they reflect our patient population."  Dr. Efrain Talamantes, Center for a Diverse Healthcare Workforce

Meet the Researcher

Dr. Efrain Talamantes shares why it's important to support community college students interested in a health career, for both students underrepresented in medicine and for diversifying the healthcare workforce — which in turn provides better care for our patients.


Community College: A Pathway to Medical School