Kimberly Carter
Kimberly Carter, PhD.

A beloved member of the UC Davis Alzheimer’s Disease Center, Kimberly Carter, Ph.D., passed away January 5 after a long illness. Dr. Carter obtained a Ph.D. in Human Development from UC Davis in 2006. Her dissertation was Longitudinal Assessment of Discriminability and Response Bias in Alzheimer's Disease. She completed a research diversity fellowship at the UC Davis Alzheimer’s Disease Center in 2008. She returned to the center in 2014 and served as a psychometrist and clinical trial psychometric rater until July 2019 in both the East Bay and Sacramento. She was also a lecturer at UC Davis Department of Human Ecology between 2014-15 and at CSU Sacramento Department of Psychology from January 2012 until May 2019.

Dr. Sarah Farias, reflected on her contributions, “our participants really appreciated Kim’s kindness and looked forward to seeing her during their clinic visits. She was an important part of our team and she will be missed.”