This is a live series presented by the UC Davis Alzheimer's Disease Research Center for the Sacramento Metropolitan Area and communities throughout Northern California in 2017. The theme of this lecture series is healthy brain aging and prevention. Six lectures, were planned around this theme and include preventative information on healthy brain aging, vitamins and supplements, diet, alternative medicine approaches, social interaction and exercise from expert researchers in each of these topics.

What is healthy brain aging?
Charles S. DeCarli, M.D.

This presentation will discuss the tremendous changes the brain undergoes over the course of our life. These changes occur well before any evidence of disease such as Alzheimer’s disease. Understanding why this happens could help us develop prevention therapies.

Can Vitamins Prevent Age-Related Cognitive Decline?
Joshua W. Miller, Ph.D.

This presentation will review evidence that certain vitamins (folic acid, vitamin B12, vitamin B6 and vitamin D) can slow or prevent age-related cognitive decline.

Eating to Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
Rosane Oliveira, DVM, Ph.D.

This presentation will review how lifestyle factors, such as diet, play an important role in brain health.  Different diets and their effects on our genes, brain health and longevity will be explored.

New Alternative Medicine Approaches to Brain Health
Dr. Juliana Baldo

This presentation will review preliminary findings about the usefulness of wellness classes that emphasize facilitating brain health for those in cognitive decline.

Behavioral Contributions to Cognitive Health in Old Age
Robert S. Wilson, Ph.D.

This presentation will discuss evidence from ongoing clinical-pathologic studies linking aspects of life experience with risk of dementia and cognitive decline in old age and consider the neurobiologic bases of these assumptions.

Exercise in the Fight Against Alzheimer's
Jeffrey Burns, M.D., M.S.

This presentation will review evidence that physical exercise is beneficial for the brain and may be a viable prevention strategy and therapeutic approach for treating Alzheimer’s disease.