This is a live series presented by the UC Davis Alzheimer's Disease Research Center for the Sacramento Metropolitan Area and communities throughout Northern California in 2018. The theme of this lecture series is healthy brain aging and prevention. Six lectures, were planned around this theme and include preventative information on healthy brain aging, vitamins and supplements, diet, alternative medicine approaches, social interaction and exercise from expert researchers in each of these topics.

Dental Health As We Age
William John (Bill) Love, D.D.S.

This presentation, by Dr. William Love, will provide a brief review of dental and oral anatomy, the tooth and gum disease process and strategies for prevention. He will also emphasize how the aging process impacts oral health care.

Perspectives from the Alzheimer’s Association: Updates in Alzheimer’s Dementia Research
Maria C. Carrillo, Ph.D.

This presentation, by Maria Carrillo, PhD, will discuss recent findings in Alzheimer's research addressing the current focus of lifestyle modifications on Alzheimer's disease prevention and provide steps to promote healthy brain aging.

2019 UC Davis Alzheimer's Caregiver Workshop

When Caring is Not Enough: Combining Science with Compassion

Dr. Linda Teri provides an overview of issues in providing optimal care for persons with dementia and their caregivers. It provides specific techniques that have been shown most effective to alleviate behavioral problems and introduces the audience to a novel state of the science intervention that combines our best clinical and research knowledge to alleviate behavioral problems while also targeting improved physical functioning to minimize the physical frailty that so often leads to increased disability.

Navigating the challenges of dementia behaviors: When is it time to consider placement?

Dr. Kathryn Sexson speaks about navigating the challenges of dementia behavior management when is it time to consider placement.

The Teamwork Care Approach of a Loved One with Dementia

Dr. Huey Lin discusses how a collaborative teamwork approach is vital in providing excellent care to a loved one with dementia. There are numerous individual and systemic challenges and barriers preventing a care team from effectively working together. Through personal stories Dr. Lin identifies, from a primary care perspective, some of these challenges and barriers and some observations and thoughts about what could potentially be solutions to successful team-based care.

Answers to Your Questions, A Panel Discussion

The panel of speakers and local professionals, moderated by Dr. Carolina Apesoa-Varano, answers audience questions and provides helpful resources. Panel members include: Linda Teri, PhD, Kathryn Sexson, PhD, Huey Lin, MD, and Esther Lara, MSW.