About Us

Research in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine addresses the fundamental molecular aspects of cell biology, gene expression, cancer biology, membrane biology, glycobiology, neurobiology, muscle physiology, human genetics, chemical and structural biology, molecular imaging and drug development. In addition to innovative research activities, faculty are involved in the teaching and training of medical and doctoral students.

The faculty of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine maintain laboratories in the Davis Campus at Tupper Hall and in the Department of Chemistry. In Sacramento, the Department maintains laboratories at the Oak Park Research Building, UC Davis Cancer Center and MIND Institute.

More about our research can be found here.

Teaching Focus

Some of the courses our members teach include:

Lower Division Courses

  • 092 Internship in Biological Chemistry Upper division courses
  • 192 Internship in Biological Chemistry
  • 198 Group Study
  • 199 Special Study for Advanced Undergraduates

Graduate Courses

  • 209 Prostaglandins/Leukotrienes and Related Lipids (offered even years)
  • 214 Molecular Medicine
  • 217 Molecular Genetics of Fungi (odd years)
  • 222 Mechanisms of Translational Control (even years)
  • 230 Practical NMR
  • 231 Biomedical NMR (same as BPH 231)
  • 291 Human Genetics Seminar
  • 298 Group Study
  • 299 Research

Professional Courses for Medical Students

  • 410A Molecular and Cell Biology
  • 410B Cell Biology and Metabolism
  • 414 Molecular Medicine
  • 419 Introduction to Clinical Nutrition (same as IMD 419)
  • 491 Human Genetics Seminar
  • 497 Tutoring in Biological Chemistry
  • 498 Group Study
  • 499 Research