Yuanpei Li, Ph.D.

Suite 2405
Oak Park Research Building
Sacramento Campus
Ph: 916-734-4420

Research Interests

1. Development of novel nano-medicine platforms, biomaterials and microfluidic devices

The Nanomedicine and Biomaterials Laboratory aims to 1) develop next generation nano-medicine platforms, biomaterials and microfluidic devices by learning from nature and clinical practice, 2) obtain fundamental knowledge on how these subjects interact with biological systems, and 3) apply them to solve complex medical problems that are associated with cancer and other diseases. Our research projects integrate recent advances in interdisciplinary fields, such as nanotechnology, material sciences, chemistry, engineering and biology, to create innovative technologies and therapeutics. Significant efforts have also been devoted to the rapid “bench to bed side” translation of these innovative technologies and therapeutics that can tremendously benefit the health of human and companion animals. We are particularly interested in the following research area:

  1. Targeting and programmable drug/gene delivery
  2. Theranostics
  3. New biomaterials/bio-inspired materials
  4. Enabling technology for immunoengineering
  5. Integration of nanotechnology/biomaterials in microfluidics
2. Exosomes/oncosomes and stem cells

We are interested in new isolation, drug discovery and development, targeting delivery and engineering technologies that are related to stem cells and exosomes/oncosomes from clinical patients.

Graduate Group Affiliations

Wang Z, Xue X, Lu H , He Y, Lu Z, Chen Z, Yuan Y, Tang N, Dreyer CA, Quigley L, Currov N, Lam KS, Walton JH, Lin T, Louie A, Gilbert DA, Liu K, Ferrara KW, Li Y*(corresponding author), “Two-way magnetic resonance tuning and enhanced subtraction imaging for non-invasive and quantitative biological imaging”, Nature Nanotechnology, 2020
*F1000 Prime expert recommended research articles (Rated Exceptional)

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Wu H , Zhang L, Yang J, Bo R, Du H, Lin K, Zhang D, Ramachandran M, Shen Y, Xu Y, Xue X, Ma Z, Lindstrom AR, Carney R, Lin T, Li Y*(corresponding author), “Rotatable Aggregation-Induced-Emission/Aggregation-Caused-Quenching Ratio Strategy for Real-Time Tracking Nanoparticle Dynamics”, Advanced Functional Materials, 2020, 1910348

Wu H, Lu H, Xiao W, Yang J, Du H, Shen Y, Qu H, Jia B, Manna SK, Ramachandran M, Xue X, Ma Z, Xu X, Wang Z, He Y, Lam KS, Zawadzki RJ, Li Y* (corresponding author), Lin T*, “Sequential Targeting in Crosslinking Nano-theranostics for Tackling the Multi-barriers of Brain Tumors”, Advanced Materials, 2020, 1903759

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  • U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) PCRP Fellowship Award
  • Dr. Xiangdong Xue (Postdoctoral Scholar)
  • Dr. Hao Wu (Postdoctoral Scholar)
  • Dr. Zhao Ma (Postdoctoral Scholar)
  • Dr. Dalin Zhang (Postdoctoral Scholar)
  • Mythili Ramachandran (Graduate Student)
  • Dr. Reng Qiu (Visiting Professor)
  • Dr. Jichao Chen (Visiting Scholar)
  • Ye Yuan (Graduate Student)
  • Marina Ricci (Graduate Student)
  • Ruonan Bo (Graduate Student)
  • Xiaobao Xu (Graduate Student)
  • Bei Jia (Graduate Student)
  • Lisa Chou (Undergraduate Student)
  • Yinuo Zhang (Undergraduate Student)