Departmental Shared Equipment Resources


FACS Facility

National Eye Institute-Funded Core Facilities

  • Microscopy and Tissue Processing Module (Module Director Paul FitzGerald, Ph.D. (
  • Viral Vector Packaging Facility (Module Director Marie Burns, Ph.D. (
  • Small Animal Adaptive Optics, Optical Coherence Microscopy, SLO (Module Director Ed Pugh, Jr., Ph.D. (
  • Software Engineering, (Module Director Marty Usrey, Ph.D. (

Shared Equipment

  • Andor Dragonfly Dragonfly spinning disk confocal microscope system that integrates widefield, confocal, and TI (Sign up instructions for Google Calendar) RF imaging modality
  • Zeiss Apotome (Sign up instructions for Google Calendar).
  • Leica Thunder (Sign up instructions for Google Calendar).
  • Ultracentrifuges: Full size Beckman L70, Table Top Beckman Optima Max XP small volume
  • HiSpeed centrifuges: Thermo Scientific Lynx 4000
  • Cold Room
  • Tissue Culture Facility
  • Rodent Anesthesia Station
  • DualHeaded Training Microscope
  • Dissecting Microscope with camera and monitor
  • Leica Paraffin Embedder,
  • Paraffin Microtome
  • Leica LM3050 Cryostats (2) (Sign up instructions for the Google Calendar)
  • Reichert Ultra Microtome
  • Critical Point Dryer
  • Azure Systems Gel Imager
  • Licor Odyssey Gel Image
  • OptoMotry for quantifying rodent Visual Motor behavior

A very wide range of major campus core facilities are available, and may be viewed here.

The campus is home to the California National Primate Research Facility.