Director: Barbara Shacklett, Ph.D.
Technical Director: Bridget McLaughlin

Video: Bridget McLaughlin, technical director of the Flow Cytometry Shared Resource at UC Davis
Comprehensive Cancer Center, describes the vast capabilities of the resource to assist cancer researchers.

The mission of the UC Davis Flow Cytometry Shared Resource Laboratory is to provide access to expertise and instrumentation for analytical flow cytometry, cell sorting and laser scanning cytometry to all researchers at UC Davis, including members of the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, and to biotech companies and other research organizations.

Research support for flow cytometry and cell sortingBridget McLaughlin and Jonathan Van Dyke

Cell sorting and analytical cytometers are located at three sites in Davis and Sacramento for research use on a recharge basis. The Davis and Sacramento labs are managed by Bridget McLaughlin, technical director, and Jonathan Van Dyke, technical manager, who operate the cell sorters for assisted sorting on an appointment basis and provide training to investigators in acquiring data on the analytic cytometers. With a combined 30-plus years of flow cytometry expertise, we can advise on experiment design for flow cytometry, provide training to enable independent use of the analytical cytometers, and familiarize investigators with popular data analysis software tools such as BD Diva and CellQuest, FlowJo, ModFit and iBrowser.

Upcoming events and seminars


Wednesday October 12, 2022, 2 – 4 p.m. Virtual, online.

  1. Introduction to Spectral Cytometry – learn about the advantages of spectral correction to aid biomarker resolution in multicolor analysis.
  2. New dyes for improved multicolor cytometry – learn about the new “cFluor” dyes and how they can improve your standard and spectral multicolor panel design. Get specific information on cFluor dye chemistry and compatibility with intracellular fixation buffers.

Thursday October 27, 2022, 10 a.m. – noon. Virtual, online.

Panel design interactive workshop – Want to know how to pair fluorochromes with biomarkers for multicolor panel design success? This session draws upon our prior workshops (October 12, above) on Spectral Cytometry and cFluor dyes to teach you practical ways to approach panel design. The Cytek team will use traditional, polymer and cFluor dyes in an interactive virtual online workshop.


2023 Flow Cytometry Training Course: Next offering, Online, February 2023

The FCSR will be repeating its Comprehensive Course in Flow Cytometry Feb 6-10, 2023. The course is designed to teach the fundamental concepts of how flow cytometers work and discuss best practices in sample preparation. Don't miss this opportunity to receive comprehensive training in this important analysis technique! For more information contact Bridget at



This resource is funded by the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) awarded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI P30CA093373). Publications that have utilized facility resources, services or scientific data generated by the resource should acknowledge the resource or the assistance provided by resource staff and cite the NCI CCSG grant. An electronic copy of the publication should also be sent to the resource directors.

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