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UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center’s pediatric oncology providers diagnose and treat a wide range of pediatric cancer and blood disorders for children, teens and young adults. Pediatric patients coming to UC Davis for cancer treatment have access to leading-edge clinical trials of new therapies rarely offered at community hospitals, a full complement of supportive programs while in treatment, and the region’s only clinic for managing the long-term effects of treatment on survivors of childhood cancers.

As one of only 56 cancer centers in the country to achieve comprehensive designation from the National Cancer Institute, UC Davis is recognized for its advances in cancer research, innovative technologies and personalized treatments based on specific characteristics of cancers.


Pediatric New Patient Referral Office
916-734-7439 or 800-823-4543

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At UC Davis, your child’s care will be coordinated by one doctor but backed up by a multidisciplinary team of specialists with broad experience treating a wide range of cancer types including some of the rarest types of cancer. Your team will include doctors, nurses, radiation therapists, dietitians, social workers and other top professionals, all coming together to provide your child the best possible outcome.

Some of the childhood cancer types we treat

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Video Series

When a child is diagnosed with cancer

Part 1: Am I going to be ok?


Part 2: Treatment



Part 3: Possible side effects of treatment


Part 4: What's it like to be a patient?


Part 5: How do I tell my friends about cancer?



Part 6: After treatment then what?


When a child is diagnosed with cancer, there are many questions. This series of videos was produced to support children with cancer and their families as they make their journeys.

Our Location

UC Davis Comprehensive Center
Pediatric Oncology Clinic

Pediatric Infusion Center

North Building, First Floor

2279 45th Street, Sacramento, CA

Map and Directions

The pediatric oncology clinic and infusion center are conveniently located on the ground floor of the Cancer Center’s North Building.

Pediatric cancer patients needing hospitalization receive care at UC Davis Children’s Hospital, a world-class pediatric hospital.