What you need to know after anesthesia (medication to keep your child asleep for surgery).

It's normal to feel dizzy and sleepy for many hours after anesthesia

Keep a close eye on your child because your child's ability to reason and balance may be less than normal. While your child may want to sleep more than usual, you should still be able to wake them easily. Give your child a quiet place to rest for the first 24 hours.

Give clear liquids and slowly return to regular diet

Begin with clear liquids (apple juice, clear broth, ginger ale) and slowly return your child to their regular diet. Your child may have less interest in eating for the day, but should at least have light meals and fluids.

Have your child rest the day of surgery

The day after surgery your child may do whatever they feel able to do, unless otherwise directed by their doctor. Your child should be able to do all of their normal activities within 3-4 days.

Download Anesthesia after care information sheet (PDF)