Download Breastfeeding – Worth the Wait information sheet (PDF)

We believe in the power of your milk

Bonding Hearts-getting to know your baby

mom and breastfeeding

A mother’s scent is uniquely calming to their baby. It is the smell of home. Your scent will help your baby in brain growth, pain-relief, feeding preparation and so much more. Wear this cloth heart close to your heart, where it will pick up your scent and the scent of your milk. We will place this heart next to your baby.

Sharing the heart: Share this heart between you and your baby. This heart will pick up your baby’s scent too. By wearing this close to you, it will help you with bonding, breastmilk production, and will help your milk make protective factors specific to your baby

How to hand express

  1. Press your fingers into your breast, towards your chest wall
  2. Compress your thumb and fingers together, drawing slightly towards the nipple (do not slide your fingers along your skin)
  3. Release the pressure and relax your hand – repeat every 2-3 hours for at least 10 minutes
breastfeeding: How to Hand Express

The benefits of breastfeeding

  • Easy to digest
  • Food that is made especially for baby
  • Protects against infections
  • Lowers risk of a life-threatening infection called NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis)
  • Lowers risk of allergies, asthma, diabetes, & childhood cancers
  • Lowers risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer in mother