Clinical Research Center Laboratory

The Laboratory Core manages the collection, flow and disposition of biological specimens collected for CTSC Clinical Research Center studies.

Analytical Laboratory Personnel

Highly skilled laboratory staff support investigators with all laboratory assistance including sample processing; preparing aliquots of samples; sample storage; DNA/RNA isolation; preparation of samples for proteomics and flow cytometry; and multiplex cytokine/chemokine and metabolic analyses. UC Davis clinical lab services are also available to investigators.

Specialized Analyses:
The laboratory personnel can help with isolation of cells from peripheral blood, flow cytometry as well as isolation of DNA/RNA and other esoteric testing as necessary for the different protocols and researchers can approach the lab director with their needs and submit an Application for Clinical Research Center Laboratory form for approval.

Multiplexing on the Bioplex and BD FACS Array:
Two different platforms are available for multiplexing and in combination provide a variety of tests that can be multiplexed according to the needs of a particular protocol.