Translational Resources
and Pilot Program

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Translational Resources and Pilot Program

Translational Resources

The Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) supports collaborative scientific endeavors by serving to facilitate robust new research paradigms, technologies, and tools, and through partnerships that enhance team science. By facilitating and supporting clinical and translational research teams to speed discovery critical to advance science and health care needs in the 21st century, the CTSC encourages translational endeavors through pilot awards, partnerships, and linking researchers with available facilities, cores, and resources.

Program Attributes

  • Provides infrastructure to ensure access to necessary tools, services, and resources locally and nationally.
  • Uses collaborative workshops and associated pilot project calls to advance research in key thematic areas to enhance human health (e.g., inflammation, lifespan health).
  • Encourages inclusion of trainees to foster multidisciplinary translational teams to facilitate career development and to bring new ideas and perspectives to impact human health.
  • Encourages team approaches to explore animal models, and supports studies to validate the usefulness of these models for understanding human health and disease.
  • Capitalizes on the many links and collaborations developed within the Clinical and Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Consortium to foster and facilitate multidisciplinary national trans-CTSA partnership projects.

Pilot Program

The goal of the CTSC Pilot Program is to enhance and augment research areas crucial to translational research by providing support for novel research projects, the development of new teams and partnerships, high risk/high impact research, projects that span the translational spectrum (T1-T4) and lifespan health, and with the inclusion of trainees. In addition, the Pilot Program fosters new multidisciplinary collaborations that enhance the integration of new process-directed concepts, techniques, and technologies.

The CTSC circulates calls throughout the campus community for applications on targeted topics to maximize and leverage opportunities throughout UC Davis including other centers and programs.

Call for Proposals