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Health Equity Resources and Outreach (HERO)

woman talking to a patient in a clinic

Health Equity Resources and Outreach

The Health Equity Resources and Outreach (HERO) program works to amplify the voices and expand the participation of patients and the public in all facets of health research, from the selection of research questions to the design and conduct of studies to the dissemination of findings. HERO's work is shaped by the premise that the best science is done by teams that represent a true diversity of knowledge, skill, and lived experiences.

To support effective participation from diverse individuals in the design, implementation, and communication of health research, we identify, create, and share tools and resources, offer consultations and trainings, and organize projects that support effective dialogue, collaboration, and mutual learning by professional researchers and the public. HERO’s focus is on populations underrepresented in scientific studies, especially children, adolescents, and older adults, as well as refugees, women, minoritized communities, rural residents, and people affected by rare diseases.

HERO is the programmatic home of several sub-components of the Clinical and Translational Science Center's Clinical and Translational Science Awards grant with a shared focus on health equity.