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How to Request a CTSC Voucher

The UC Davis Clinical and Translational Science Center (CTSC) is pleased to offer vouchers for CTSC clinical research services. These vouchers are designed to support early-stage projects that need preliminary data for subsequent applications for federal or foundation grants and to supplement federally funded studies.

To apply for the voucher, please fill out a CTSC Voucher Request.


Vouchers can be used to supplement NIH-funded studies for eligible services:

  • Supplement the NIH-approved funds for clinical services required for the project.
  • Expand on the project to collect new data that will be used for renewal or new grants.
  • CTSC Career Development Awards, MCRTP scholars, and NIH K awardees are invited to apply.
  • Graduate students, Ph.D. students, postdoctoral trainees, and residents conducting clinical research may apply.

Voucher Limits

  • Limited to in-kind services provided by the CCRC or CTO (no materials or supplies will be provided under a voucher).
  • No single voucher may exceed $5,000 in services; actual staff salary plus benefits will be used to determine the cost.
  • Investigators are limited to ONE per budget year with a lifetime maximum of TWO.
  • No project can receive more than one Voucher, regardless of its length.
  • Must be redeemed between June 1 – May 31. All Vouchers expire on May 31 of the budget year awarded. There will be no extensions.
  • Projects requiring IRB/IACUC approval must submit the approval letter with the request.
  • Award of CTSC Vouchers is contingent upon the availability of the services requested.
  • Once the CTSC Voucher budget is expended, no further awards will be approved in that budget year.

Voucher Priority Guidelines

  1. CTSC KL2 Scholars
  2. Early career biomedical researchers (e.g., other NIH K awardees or MCRTP scholars)
  3. Graduate students, Ph.D. students, post-doc trainees, and residents


Submit an application by completing a CTSC Voucher Request.

Questions about CTSC Vouchers should be directed to the CTSC Finance Team.