Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC) Foundations Training Program

The Clinical Research Coordinator Foundations Training Program offers an exciting, first-of-its-kind opportunity to participate in a course that will provide the foundational learning for the roles and responsibilities of a CRC at UC Davis Health. This is a 16-week, hybrid model course including in-person lectures, self-study eLearning, interactive activities, shadowing, and field trip opportunities to multiple UC Davis Health units directly involved in the daily work for a CRC.

We are accepting applications from local community college students only at this time. However, we hope to expand this program in the future. If you would like to be kept informed on the latest news and training opportunities, please join our email list.

Please note that the current pandemic situation requires COVID-19 vaccine status be completed prior to course enrollment.

Community College Students Apply Here

Community college students, please view our informational video for more details about the program.

Clinical research is an important part of the healthcare industry, an industry that is expanding faster than any other in the United States.

Combine the overall growth of the healthcare sector with rapid growth of new technologies and innovations, clinical research presents a huge employment opportunity which should see continued growth for a long time.

Interested in a career in clinical research?

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What Our Clinical Research Professionals Say…

“As a clinical research coordinator, you are the heart of a clinical research team, ensuring that all parts of a clinical trial are running smoothly and as required. This job provides the opportunity to work with patients, medical providers, and clinical researchers to advance medical science and research and contribute towards future cures and breakthroughs.”

- Olga Kishchenko, CCRP

“Working as a clinical research coordinator was not an incidental or optional career, it was a planned career choice, and it was such a challenging yet fulfilling noble profession.”

- Edward Lingayo, CCRP