Welcome to the Graduate Group in Health Informatics. The Health Informatics program is highly interdisciplinary and designed to provide the skills, experiences and preparation for students to excel in positions in health care, leadership or research. Our faculty are based in the Division of Health Informatics, Department of Public Health Sciences, as well as in Departments of PathologyPediatrics and Internal Medicine in the School of Medicine, in the School of Nursing, College of Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Department of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering, and in the School of Veterinary Medicine. Our faculty and research programs are diverse and expansive, and share common focus on improving human health.

  • Clinical research informatics systems
  • Electronic health record systems
  • Simulation and modelling
  • Clinical decision support
  • Computer security and privacy
  • Personal and mobile health
  • Imaging and geographic systems
  • Public health systems and population health
  • Ontologies and semantic systems

As a student in our program, you will have access to a broad range of systems, expertise and data at the intersection of health and technology. I encourage you to visit our faculty page to explore the various research interests, and explore potential synergies with Graduate Group in Health Informatics Faculty.

Students with advanced degrees in Health Informatics from UC Davis find employment within a wide range of organizations:

  • Universities (faculty members, project managers, lecturers, researchers)
  • Medical facilities (medical students, physicians, nurses, clinical coordinators, veterinary students, veterinarians)
  • Industry (Engineers, project managers, directors, staff scientists)
  • Government (informaticians, policy developers, epidemiologists, statisticians, consultants)

UC Davis is a thriving University unique in its extensive access to expertise and data assets ranging from its health system (with 2.5 million patients), to its expansive environmental, ecology, biology and agriculture programs. We are truly a university which can study the effect of the full environment, from farm to food, on the health individuals, and in turn practice of health on our communities.

As a student in the Health Informatics program, you can expect to have both a major research professor who will mentor you in research, and an academic advisor who will guide you through the academic portion of your degree (including research and teaching assistantships) depending on qualifications.

I encourage you to browse our website, and if you have questions please contact the graduate program coordinator at healthinformatics@ucdavis.edu.

We look forward to welcoming you to UC Davis.


Nicholas Anderson, Ph.D.
Chair, Health Informatics Graduate Group