To outline the process by which Standards of Conduct are disseminated to students and the implications of violations of these Standards.

All medical students

3.5 Learning Environment/Professionalism


  1. Matriculation in medical school is the beginning of an intensive, rigorous, and extended process of education and enculturation into one of the most demanding of professions.
  2. Successful completion of the requirements for graduation from medical school and the conferring of the degree of Doctor of Medicine, as well as those of post graduate medical education programs, require far more than just the mastery of a body of scientific knowledge and technical skills. Physicians in training must also consistently demonstrate they possess the character traits essential to the ethical practice of medicine.
  3. A student who excels in the acquisition of medical knowledge and the execution of clinical skills, but who does not consistently demonstrate an understanding of, appreciation for, and compliance with the standards of professionalism and academic integrity set forth in this document lacks essential elements of a medical professional.
  4. The School recognizes its obligation to the University of California, the profession of medicine, and the society of which we are a part, to ensure that the degree of Doctor of Medicine is conferred only upon those who fully and completely meet the standards of academic achievement, integrity, and professionalism.
  5. All students are obligated to be aware of and subscribe to ethical values, codes, and standards of conduct which have been adopted at the level of the University, the Davis Campus, and the School.
  6. Students are expected to acknowledge and adhere to the following policies:


              1. Students are introduced to these Standard of Conduct policies at Orientation and must sign an electronic statement acknowledging that they have reviewed the codes, statements and expectations and agree to abide by them.
              2. All students must complete and sign the electronic statement before the first day of instruction, annually. Failure to do so may lead to disciplinary actions as outlined in the Medical Student Compliance Policy.
              3. Potential violation by students should be reported to the Associate Dean of Students; if confirmed, this could lead to disciplinary action, including, but not limited to, a dismissal recommendation by the Committee on Student Promotions

                  The Registrar’s Office
                  Committee on Student Promotions

                  UC Davis School of Medicine Bylaws and Regulations, Regulation 60 (A) (4)

                  RELATED POLICIES
                  Code of Academic & Social Conduct Policy
                  Medical Student Compliance Policy

                  POLICY OWNER
                  Associate Dean of Students

                  REVIEWED BY
                  Associate Dean of Students*
                  Committee on Student Promotions

                  REVIEWED DATE and REVIEW CYCLE
                  December 14, 2020, 3-year cycle