To outline steps for the fair and timely determination and resolution of student dismissal recommendations from the Committee on Student Promotions (CSP).

All medical students

9.9 Student Advancement and Appeal Process


  1. CSP is charged with reviewing academic progress of all students and making final determinations regarding changes to students’ academic and professional standing, including making a recommendation for Dismissal from the School.
  2. The School’s Faculty Executive Committee (FEC) is responsible for making a determination on whether or not to dismiss a student who is recommended for dismissal by CSP.
  3. Please refer to the SOM Bylaws and Regulations for specific details.


  1. Following a recommendation for dismissal by CSP, the FEC shall meet within 21 business days to determine whether or not to dismiss a student.
  2. The FEC will undertake a comprehensive review of the student’s academic and professional performance, will set a date to meet to discuss the review, and will ask the student to appear before the FEC, in person, for up to 30 minutes. The student may bring a UC Davis School of Medicine faculty or staff member to the meeting for support but they cannot speak on behalf of the student.
  3. If the student agrees to appear before the FEC, the student will submit to the FEC written information in support of their cause. The student will submit the written information at least five working days before the committee meeting.
  4. At the end of the meeting, the FEC will vote on whether or not to dismiss the student. A vote of a majority plus one, of the quorum present, is needed for dismissal.
  5. If the student agrees to appear before the FEC, the Chair of the FEC will inform the student of the FEC decision.
  6. The FEC will prepare a letter within five business days of their meeting that includes an explanation of its findings and decision, and send the letter to CSP and the Dean responsible for medical education.
  7. Should the FEC not dismiss the student, the student will return to the CSP and the CSP shall develop a remediation plan.
  8. Should the FEC dismiss the student, the dismissal shall be effective as of the date of the dismissal notification to the student. The dismissed student will be immediately disenrolled, even if the student pursues an appeal. The student may not withdraw from the UC Davis School of Medicine after the FEC has issued its decision to dismiss the student.
  9. A student who is dismissed from the School may appeal to the Dean. Please refer to the SOM Bylaws and Regulations for specific procedures related to the appeal process and criteria.  

Faculty Executive Committee

School of Medicine Bylaws and Regulations; Regulation 80

Satisfactory Academic Progress, Academic Warning/Probation and Dismissal Policy
Coursework & Professionalism Remediation Policy
Code of Academic & Social Conduct Policy

Faculty Executive Committee

Faculty Executive Committee

September 2021; 3-year cycle