To outline procedures necessary for students to form and maintain School-supported student interest groups (SIG)

All UC Davis School of Medicine students

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  1. Each SIG, whether applying or renewing, must update the required SIG information annually.
  2. A student may be a member of multiple SIGs but cannot be the President or main contact of more than two SIGs.
  3. A SIG is not official until it is approved by both the School and the University.


  1. All SIGs must submit the following by the publicized completion date annually (generally between April 1-30) through the online form.
    1. SIG Name
    2. SIG Goal/Description
    3. Faculty Advisor
    4. Main Contact Name
    5. Main Contact Email
  2. A staff committee of the School will meet to determine if the SIG is approved at the School level. Decisions will be sent via email by the publicized date (mid-May), annually.
  3. Once approved by the School, the SIG must annually complete the UC Davis Aggie Life documents for University approval (during Spring Quarter, generally between June 1-30).  
  4. Once Aggie Life approves the submission, the School’s Office of Student Development will notify the SIG officers (main contact) and have the SIG officers read and sign the SIG Reimbursement Procedures document. Once the document is signed by the President or treasurer, the SIG may commence activities, starting no earlier than July 1, annually.

Office of Medical Education – Office of Student Development

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          Office of Medical Education – Office of Student Development

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          Office of Medical Education – Office of Student Development

          March 2024, annual review cycle